Do you agree with me that development is a state or condition where light touches everybody without refraction?

“” fantasises a condition where light touches everybody without refraction.

By the term “development” I tried to mean “a world without economic inequality”. However, what is the relationship between refraction of light (or sound) and economic inequality?

This new approach views the Lorenz curve or the egalitarian line as a ray of light. It fantasises that a world without economic inequality is nothing but a state or condition where light touches everyone without refraction. Literary, it considers the unit square Lorenz curve framework as the World and the egalitarian line (the diagonal line) as the passing of the ray of light without refraction. However, in reality, we live in a stratified society with varying living conditions and ray of light is perceived to refract every time it passes from one stratum into another forming the real-world Lorenz curve.

I am presenting the analogy in the following figures.

Refraction of light
Refraction of light and Lorenz curve

Using this analogy recently, I have presented a new measure of economic inequality (a pair of measures actually) incorporating the phenomenon of index of refraction of geometrical optics (or physical acoustics).

The works are available here.

We live in different strata of society or economy with varying living conditions. Our perception refracts too when it passes from one stratum into another. I believe that redistribution of resources favouring the worse off ones would help us to reach an ideal condition and disregard the ironies of perception!

The rare Solar event of 29 July 2008 from Dinhata

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